About Us

#SheBleeds aims to start a conversation in the country about periods. We are working on a policy to implement menstrual leaves in the country for women, and in the process realised that we need to talk about periods if we wish to implement such a policy. Sign our change.org petition! Use #SheBleeds and start the conversation!

Our Awesome Team

Passionate, Motivated. And a little crazy. We all need a little crazy.

Yash Mehrotra

I believe in the equality of genders. When I say equality I mean equality of opportunity, equality to use public spaces - you get the drift. With the passage of the bill we will be aiming for equality of opportunity in the workspace. Use the #SheBleeds and start talking!

Yash has been working in the tech space, and sees tech as an enabler in solving problems. He spends his free time in doing online courses on social sciences and composing music.


The India I grew up in did not address social problems such as menstruation. From the time I became a people’s manager I focused on ensuring that there is equality within my team, and within teams I could influence. When I came across #SheBleeds, I figured, given my years of experience, I could help give direction to the cause. It is time we fight off the social biases that exist and #SheBleeds is a step in the right direction.


The economics of menstruation is simple - it's about accessibility, availability and affordability of sanitary material of choice.I believe there is a need for systematic and focused intervention on Menstrual Health Management to combat information asymmetry and #SheBleeds aims to create the ripple of change.


I envision to be a change maker, working for a reasoned need for change. Gender is social construct and its time we work towards an equal society. Rather than over powering each other, its time we start empowering each other. Use #SheBleeds to, create the change, to be the change.

Sketch Brahma Design Studios

We are a creative design studio, crafting creative solutions through awesome User Experience (UX) & Interface (UI) design. And ofcourse, We are obsessed with developing beautiful UI.


To perform better one needs peace of mind and as well as a sound body so that focus can be only on work. With physical discomfort you cannot expect a person to deliver same output or compare them to fellow teammates, leave aside gender. Through #SheBleeds we will be stimulating conversation around menstruation and raising awareness of the very common problems associated with it which can severely affect a woman’s ability to work at all.